A Digital Agency

Wyzpubs is a Phoenix, AZ based small business offering services to companies small and large needing help with transforming to the digital economy.

Forward Thinking

We believe that a prudent strategy for managing a business in today’s economy is to try to be one step ahead of the competition and to adopt an agile methodology when it comes to IT.

Problem Solvers

Envisioning a future state starts with solving today’s business problems in a pragmatic way by leveraging social media, forging new business partnerships and delighting your customers.

Customizable Mobile apps

Have you wondered if there was an easy way to create a mobile app for your data that solves a business problem? Now there is – with AppSheet, we can help you build a fully functioning app from your data within hours.



Have you wished you could develop documentation easily for the web and mobile apps that your team uses?


Business Intelligence

Have you wondered how to extract and use the Business Intelligence that is trapped within your mobile apps?


We are an AppSheet Solutions Architect Partner


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