Not having a content strategy and not understanding the comprehensive content strategy requirements usually leads to employee frustration, loss of productivity as well as unhappy customers. Use of XML technologies such as the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and the growing ecosystem of tools and methodologies around it is required to effectively address content challenges. Even companies with limited staff can reap rewards by investing in XML technologies over time.

It is not a trivial task to evaluate, rollout, practice and maintain content in DITA across a vast body of existing and new content that your company generates each day. Even though your company may have invested in a few DITA tools and have DITA knowledgeable technical writers, often an information architect role is critical to success in designing and delivering documents for consumption in various formats (PDF, WebHelp, Eclipse Help etc.) from DITA source content. Significant benefits could accrue when single sourcing, link management, continuous integration and automated build methodologies are used to produce current and error free product documentation in multiple form factors.

Wyzpubs can help you formulate a content strategy that best suits your requirements. If you are overwhelmed by the volume of information you need to create and manage, we can help you identify better tools and methods to increase the reach and impact of your content by introducing a structured authoring approach.

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