Mobile Applications Development and Support

Mobile applications have become the de-facto method to deliver information and interact with customers and employees.

Are you struggling to identify a set of mobile apps that works on all devices for all roles and tasks in your business?

Are you frustrated by bulky, out dated and expensive software that you are forced to use?

If so, we can help you overcome these problems.

We use “low code” technologies such as AppSheet and the growing ecosystem of tools and methodologies made possible by Google apps for work and other workflow integration solutions to effectively address the challenges. Wyzpubs services include comprehensive application development consulting and support.

Working with us gives you a double advantage:

  • quality infrastructure specific to a large company
  • the dedicated specialized support specific to a small company

If meeting your customer demands means that new workflows need to be crafted and automation solutions developed to support your operations, we want to be your solutions partner. Our solutions architect consultancy can ensure your business success by designing and delivering mobile apps for use in various functional areas :

  • Time tracking and Project Management
  • Customer Information Management
  • Field Knowledge Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Site Inspection Management
  • Marketing Document Management
  • Service Logging

Wyzpubs can help you formulate a mobile application strategy that best suits your requirements. Our staff can assist with ongoing support and upgrading features and capabilities as your needs change and as the mobile platforms evolve. We can help you identify better tools and methods to integrate data across many apps to streamline your business processes and gain valuable business intelligence.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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